Backed up: The Hungry Hippo (UpdraftPlus 2020-01-09 00:21

The Hungry Hippo: Backup Report
Backup made by UpdraftPlus –” target=”_blank
Backup of: UpdraftPlus –” target=”_blank
Latest status: The backup apparently succeeded and is now complete
Backup began: 2020-01-09 00:12
Contains: Files and database (Full backup)
Errors / warnings: 0 errors, 0 warnings

Time taken: 0 hours, 9 minutes, 16 seconds
Uploaded to: Google Drive

Plugins (files: 1)
Size: 32.5 MB, SHA1 checksum: c0390638172a3dc361f2175dfed346cb6d7b88e1, SHA256 checksum: f8627e9ce6c50b884c2f9ef7dd953a1c213140ff9357b83849d5652ae20b8492

Themes (files: 1)
Size: 8.9 MB, SHA1 checksum: 0e0a06ce19fbdf7abbcc81a3aa8acac6ba115d26, SHA256 checksum: 4d9130d989cdd6e0d91651ac8dce27c6cb1b18693c04c9d6ff8e4673bf2a226d

Uploads (files: 1)
Size: 83.4 MB, SHA1 checksum: 1007d2e88f13193f33653ee69c8f74eee1bb58c9, SHA256 checksum: 1559a781b81ad725d910121d7788f6bf8dec80de0db190d840004678a3392782

Others (files: 1)
Size: 0 MB, SHA1 checksum: d5898002636f3a2b1fc14d0b668e9c1afe63be8b, SHA256 checksum: a6b69b9c84c18f6760d74b964ca0e8822a3496a93bcff85f07447c61086b9a67

Database (files: 1)

SHA1 checksum: e926c77e60ac92ce62427d6ef535b8d25e875282, SHA256 checksum: bde8e9791c9ef182d31129fe090ae5b1106a605062e589db48db301a0301b085

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