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"I was taught how to cook fish and chips by my mum when I was about 12 years old; we were living in Hong Kong at the time and it was my mum's way of treating us to a little bit of home as a treat! My mum had this recipe written down on the …

The BEST Steak Fajitas

The absolute BEST Steak Fajitas you've ever had! This is my take on the tex-mex steak fajitas. Marinated for hours in lime juice, garlic, and cumin — so good you'll never use another recipe again!

P.F. Chang’s Mongolian Beef

Mongolian Beef is PF Chang's most popular menu item! P.F Chang Mongolian Beef at home even better than the restaurant! And for a fraction of the cost!

Cajun Honey Pork Tenderloin

Sweet and spicy Cajun Honey Pork Tenderloin. This flavorful pork is oh so tender, quick and easy to put together, and will produce delicious results every time. Ready in just over 30 minutes! Perfect for a weeknight dinner, holiday worthy and makes great leftovers!

Chicken and yellow rice

This recipe for chicken and yellow rice has tons of flavors with fluffy basmati rice. Make it with whatever chicken you have for an easy one pot meal.

Cajun Chicken and Cheesy Grits

Cajun chicken and grits is the ultimate hearty homemade comfort food! Cheesy, creamy grits are topped with crispy pan-fried chicken and a dash of hot sauce.

Easy Mongolian Meatballs Recipe

Sticky Mongolian Meatballs made in under 30-minutes! The meatballs and broccoli bake together on one baking sheet for extra easy cleanup. Tossed with a delicious, thick, sweet sauce and served over rice or noodles.  

Classic Italian Pastina

Made with simple ingredients like butter and milk, this recipe for pastina is total Italian comfort food. It's a favorite of children and adults alike!

Smothered Chicken

This smothered chicken recipe has juicy pan-fried chicken in the ultimate gravy! It's rich, perfectly seasoned, and made from scratch with pantry staples.

Cajun Chicken Orzo

Cajun Chicken Orzo – this one-pot chicken breast recipe is packed with flavor and easy to prepare. Deliciously creamy and comforting and one of my favorite midweek meals.