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Poor Mans Brisket

At a glance Meat Cut: Chuck Roast Seasoning Type: Smoked Course Black Pepper & Kosher Salt Total Smoke Time: 11 hours Weight: 2.85 lbs. Smoke Temperature: 225F Per Pound Smoke Time: 3.86 hours per pound In Summary The time this smoke took blew my mind. I read some other articles that said about 4 hours …


Smoked Pizza

At A Glance Bread Type: Pizza Crust Seasoning Type: A Regular Pepperoni Pizza Total Smoke Time: 15 minutes Weight: ? Not to much Smoke Temperature: 400F Per Pound Smoke Time: Is this a trick question? In Summary I preheated the smoker to 400 degrees F (FYI, don’t use your regular low temp smoker at 400 …


Smoked Spareribs

Make sure you have enough Memphis Dry Rub. Open the Sparerib packaging, remove the member that is attached to the bone. I like to use a butter knife and slowly work up corner and work enough up to wrap around your fingers and slowly pull the membrane away. If you lucky you can get it …