Poor Mans Brisket

At a glance

Meat Cut:

Chuck Roast

Seasoning Type:

Smoked Course Black Pepper & Kosher Salt

Total Smoke Time:

11 hours


2.85 lbs.

Smoke Temperature:


Per Pound Smoke Time:

3.86 hours per pound

In Summary

The time this smoke took blew my mind. I read some other articles that said about 4 hours or so, definitely not. The root cause could be my lower smoking temperature, but definitely longer than 4 hours.

So I started the same as other smokes, got the pit boss upright pre-heated, trimmed up the chuck roast. Patted the meat dry, and liberally sprinkled kosher salt (I didn't realize I was out of my course sea salt) and my Southside BBQ smoked course black pepper.

Put chuck on about noon and waited. I hit 160 about 4:46 pm, so I wrapped it. Then it dropped temperature and stalled until 6:34 pm when the temperature finally got back to 160, and waited a lot more.

I will update as it finishes... Eventually...

The temp hit 193 at 10:25 and I pulled the paper off and placed it back into the smoker to crispy up the bark a bit.

Then we wait for the last 7 degrees to come...

Pulled it off 30 minutes later at 10:55, the temperature probe had said it dropped to 187. The bark is petty good on the edges, but I will let it rest and fridge it for the night.

This was supposed to be dinner five hours ago, but now it has to wait for tomorrow.

Turned out a little dry and way to tender. Got to try something new next time.

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